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So much space for action or relaxation!

With beautiful and peaceful surroundings, the opportunities for outdoor enthusiasts to enjoy a fun-filled day at Mt Penang Parklands are endless. Why not take the whole family to the parklands this weekend? The entire Mt Penang Parklands consists of outdoor spaces open to all weather conditions. Please plan your dress to suit the weather and your activities.



Mt Penang Gardens is accessible to people with disabilities, however, due to the Parkland's naturally varied topography, portions may be inaccessible.

Entry to the Parklands is FREE for visitors of all ages. 

Charges apply to special events, guided and non-guided tour groups. Find out more.

Open daily to the general public from dawn to dusk. With ample, on-site parking, we invite you to take a drive out to the amazing parklands and experience it firsthand. Come and have a look. We guarantee you won't be disappointed!

Mt Penang Parklands is located in The Avenue, Kariong, NSW 2250.


  • Deposit garbage and recyclables in allocated bins
  • Have your dog(s) on leash
  • Make use of the free BBQ
  • Observe information and safety signs
  • Pick up and dispose of your dog’s faeces


  • Bring alcohol onto the premises
  • Build fires
  • Camp
  • Climb trees or rocks.
  • Engage in recreational sports, including fishing, swimming, golf, archery or riding a dirt bike.
  • Smoke.
  • Take, damage or remove plants or dead plant material.

All flora and wildlife are protected including snakes, spiders, lizards and birds.

Please call 4345 4450 to obtain permission prior to: 

The landing of aircraft, use of the Dams, trading, advertising, distributing handbills, collecting money, taking photos/videos for commercial use, the erection of canvas structures or awnings or using sound amplifying and lighting devices in the Parklands.