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We appreciate all sorts of help!

As a self-funded operation and valuable community asset, Mt Penang Gardens greatly benefits from any financial support you or your business may offer. In return we may be able to benefit you and acknowledge your support in a meaningful way such as name a tree, dedicate a park bench or perhaps offer research, education or venue opportunities. We warmly welcome your enquiry

Thank you!

We want to acknowledge and thank the following organisations for their continued support as it adds to the visitor experience at Mt Penang Gardens.

Ramm Botanicals

This Central Coast organisation is recognised as one of the world’s leading plant research bodies. They supply many hundreds of wholesale growers in Australia with tissue cultures and rooted young plants.
Ramm Botanicals supports the Mt Penang Gardens through their plant donations. The world’s first white Kangaroo Paw plant, also referred to as Anigozanthos Bush Diamond® is featured in the Gardens.
Should you wish to know about their stunning varieties visit

Rotary Clubs of the Central Coast

Rotary International is the world’s oldest service club and in 2005, the Centenary of Rotary was commemorated through a significant contribution to Mt Penang Gardens. Specifically, over $70,000 was raised through the combined efforts of Central Coast Rotarians and the Puddle Garden at Mt Penang Gardens is dedicated to celebrate this momentous occasion. In recognition, a time capsule has been placed behind Rotary's commemorative plaque in the Puddle Gardens.

“The Puddle Garden at Mt Penang Gardens was a clear choice, as it has a stunning design; it is in one of the prime spots on the Central Coast and is family orientated. These are values that the clubs consider to be paramount in making their selection,” (Graham Black representing Rotary International’s 14 clubs).

If you’d like to get involved and help support the Gardens please contact us