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The magnificent 156 hectare Heritage listed site known as Mt Penang Parklands is owned and operated by the Hunter and Central Coast Development Corporation.

Serving business and the community

The Parklands currently supports retail, commerce, education, entertainment, recreational pursuits, Aboriginal and European heritage and residential activities. It is home to Mt Penang Gardens and Event Park.

In the past decade, more than 30 local and national businesses have relocated to the Parklands’ splendid, century-old buildings. Adaptive reuse of 55 buildings, some of which are State heritage listed, provides an employment base for more than 450 people.

Successful synergies

Some tenants have built solid and rewarding business partnerships. Their close proximity to one another is beneficial, fostering collaboration and innovative thinking.

Fantastic Environment

The unique space provides an optimal working environment with huge open spaces, beautiful surroundings, free parking, good public transport and fast easy access to the M1, off the Gosford exit.

Central Meeting Point

Located half way between Sydney and Newcastle, Mt Penang is a convenient meeting place for business contacts.

The Corporation leases the government owned real estate for commercial and office space use, ranging from 50m2 to 500m2. We currently have full occupancy on site.